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Keeping Your Dog Warm and Dry This Winter Season- By Nancy Kerns (Whole Dog Journal, Dec. 2007)

"We love it… - What we like [about Voyagers K9 Apparel WINTER COAT] : Its outer shell is waterproof, with a soft fleece inner layer; note, however, that the chest and neck section is fleece for maximum comfort (but this section is not waterproof). The turtleneck can be rolled down when it’s warm, or pulled over the dog’s ears in extremely cold weather...

What we like [about Voyagers K9 Apparel RAIN COAT] : Coat is completely lined with a lightweight mesh material. A leash opening is sewed in, and a reflective patch is sewn across the rump. Attached hood, pleated front, and fitted sides and rump help water run off your dog!..."

Read the entire article at : www.whole-dog-journal.com



"That Ultrex/Polar Fleece coat from the Voyagers may have SAVED [my greyhound- Timber's] life. It has a fleece scarf up to the ears and a reflective strip on the butt. I have no association with them, but would recommend that coat to anyone..." - Sarah Norton

To read more about how our Winter dog coat helped Timber go to http://www.greythound.com/timber's.htm

Allegra : enjoying her VKA Winter Coat!

"I am so pleased with my rescued Doberman, Zach's winter clothing that I had to take the time to thank you sincerely. Everything fits perfectly, he looks great and he is also comfortable in it. Would love to send you a picture. I also received my order in speed time and am very grateful as my Doberman has allergies and has even less hair than any healthy Doberman. Living close to Montreal, the timing is great. Living with a cross Malamuthe and a German Shepperd for the past 7 years, I never thought that I would ever need to shop for dogs' clothing. I also was quite judgmental toward dog owners who "dressed up" their dogs and myself would have been embarrassed to walk with a dog with clothing. When I rescued my Doberman and read about them to understand the breed as I never owned a Doberman, one of the first things I read was that they do not have an undercoat. I had no choice but to admit that clothing for certain breeds was indeed necessary. I thought that I'd just have to step on my pride and dress Zach in order for him to "survive" the winter. Well, the apparels I bought from you look so good and fit him so well that I am proud to walk Zach wearing clothes. Just this morning, two dog owners complimented me on Zach's beautiful Tummy Warmer. I even gave your reference to Chuck, a young Pitbull with allergies too who I'm sure was jealous of Zach, and Alphonso, a blue Great Dane who desperately needs warm clothes as well. Finally, I am so happy to say that Zach being so comfortable and warm on this chilly Saturday morning, had the time of his life with his friends and did not try to drag me back home after five minutes outdoor. You'll hear from me for sure in the spring to purchase your gorgeous rain coat as Zach hates rain like all Doberman do. Again thank you." - Denise Huard

Jackson : staying warm in Germany

"Many greetings from Germany. I had ordered a Raincoat, a Wintercoat and a Tummy-Warmer from you. My Greyhound "Jackson" was never dressed better than now. In all Europe I haven’t found any supplier who offers so uniquely beautiful, perfect and thought-through clothes for Greyhounds…This purchase was worth every single cent. I can only recommend every Greyhound owner the Voyagers K9 Apparel collection. Thank you so much" - Simone Molinaro

Bandit : Frolicking in the Snow!


"We just got about 6 inches of snow here on Long Island and I just wanted to write and say how much Bandit loves his winter coat. It's his first winter off the track and outside of Florida so he's just getting to enjoy the snow. A picture is worth a thousand words though and I have one that I think says it all. Thanks again for making such a great product!" - Meghan Phair and Bandit

"I received my order yesterday. Thank you! The Boston Terrier Tummy Warmer and the Boston Terrier Winter Coat look so beautiful! I'm amazed about the quality and good looks and great fit! I'm glad I found your website!" - Elke

0 K9 Models : Mayleen & Lyra

"I just had to write to let you know how pleased I am with your coat! We recently adopted a retired racing greyhound who came up to Maryland from Florida in December. With the sudden change in temperatures, it was essential that "Hazel" have a warm coat. The old coats I had from my previous greyhounds did not cover the neck and ears, and did not stay in place. Many of the dog coats that I looked at on-line only offered protection for the shoulders, and left the hindquarters uncovered. That just did not make sense! When I saw your breed-specific coats on your website, they seemed perfect. I ordered a coat in black, and filled out the detailed order form including measurements and time off the track. When it arrived, I was thrilled to see how well it fit, and how well made it was. I love the fact that I can cover "Hazel's" delicate ears when it's below freezing, and use the opening for the leash. The back of the coat extends low enough to keep her "fanny" warm, and the contoured cut keeps the blanket in place, even when racing around the back yard. The flared cut keeps it out of the way (If you know what I mean!), the wide strip that goes under the tummy keeps her tummy warm, and I love the reflector strip - it shows you thought of everything! It is so easy to put on and take off with the velcro strips, especially with a dog that is excited to go out for her walks. It is so rare these days that you can find a quality product, made with thought and care, so I wanted to thank you. I wrote a note to the Greyhound Rescue agency that brought "Hazel" to us, and let them know what a great blanket you offer, as well as other products specifically made for Greyhounds. I'll continue to spread the word, and hope it brings you continued success in your business." - Kathryn Bono

"Your winter coat is outstanding. It fits my greyhound like a glove and gives great coverage. He's able to run around in it without it twisting or slipping. It keeps his shoulders and chest warm and covers his back end well, all without looking like a big bulky snowsuit. And after an especially muddy walk, it washes up beautifully. The fleece looks as good as new." - Julia Strub


(courtesy of Sue & Cliff Resnick)

"I just wanted to let you know how very pleased I have been with the quality of your greyhound coats. More than 5 1/2 years ago, I ordered two coats for the two greyhound sisters I had recently adopted. At the time, I was very impressed with how well-made the coats were (and the reasonable price!). Sadly we lost one of our "girls" almost two years ago, but then adopted another. Living in New England, these coats have been used a lot over the years. They wash and dry beautifully and I expect to get many more years of use from them. Just thought you might want to know how well your product has stood the test of time." - Nancy Young

“I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful coat you created for our greyhound. It is perfect and the quality is AMAZING! You are now our favorite dog clothing company! I've never been so impressed by something that I've sent an email like this, but I am just blown away by the craftsmanship, quality, and the fit of LuLu's coat. Thank you so very much!” - Darcy T. Cook

"I love the winter coats and can't wait to show them off to their IG friends." - Janet Santiago

"Just wanted to let you know that today I got my Winter Coat for my Dane Chilly, I love it, it fits perfect and looks perfect! Thanks." - Dulce Corte

"Thank you for the great Great Dane winter coats. They arrived perfectly last Monday. They are perfect. We will be ordering some rain coats in about a month. Bye for now." - Diane

Bruno : adorable in Burgundy 0

"This email is way overdue. I bought one of your winter coats for our greyhound Isaac over a year ago. I am thrilled with how well it fits and has held up over time after much use and abuse. The attached was taken on a typical B.C. Day in Tofino after a long walk in the rain. It is comforting to know that even in rainy Vancouver our puppy boy stays warm and dry thanks to your fabulous coat. We had a few misses (read really badly made coat that were way overpriced) before finding your site. Thank you for taking the time to create such a great product and a fair price. Sincerely," - Sara and Isaac Belvedere

"Just a note to let you know that we think your coat is outstanding. Tyce is definitely a warm-weather hound and doesn’t like the snow here in Michigan, but she won’t even think about budging from the doorway without her Winter Coat. Your Winter Coat is easy to get on and off and covers her better than any other design I’ve seen." - Dave Kurtz

"I am so impressed every time I order from you. My products arrive so quickly and fit my greyhound better than any other coat I've found. I tell everyone I know with a greyhound to order from you. Thanks for making such great products!" - Shantel Seeman

"We are so proud of our dog [Molly] and she looks great in her Winter Coat and Booties. Thanks!" - Marge and Eddie Richards

0 Molly : ready for the snow!

"We just wanted to let you know that our greyhounds LOVE the winter coats we just ordered from you. Monty is very active and we were not sure how he would react to wearing a heavier coat with a snood. Both he and PollyAnn accepted the coats and love to romp out in the snow and wintery winds. The workmanship is superb. Both coats fit very well. Thank you again for a wonderful product!" - Bill and Pat Johnson

"Many thanks for the wonderful Winter Coat and Tummy Warmer! Jaeger just LOVES his new warm clothes! I can see how happy he is to run and jump around in the snow. He didn't get cold and didn't want to come in. The coat is perfect for keeping him warm and dry as well as covering his sensitive ears. The tummy warmer is terrific! He didn't want me to take it off. It's like a second skin. We're really delighted with the fit, quality, design and nice materials in the coat. These are so well made and so nicely done that I am thrilled. You did a fine job and deserve all great references. I also wrote to Whole Dog Journal to let them know how please I was with your coats and their recommendations. We just love passing on GOOD NEWS! Thank you again." - Julie Horner

"I am most pleased with the workmanship in the coat,and I am so glad that I waited to order him one. The other coats I saw advertised just didn't impress me as being substantial enough for a Doberman with no undercoat. This one is ideal. I was amazed at how quickly I received it also. On behalf of Regan and myself, THANK YOU!!!" - Margaret L. DeShon

"Thank you so very much for the wonderful job you did on the two Italian Greyhound Winter Wardrobes. The Winter Coats in Navy & Red for my babies, Tesoruccio & sister Caruccia are exceptional and the fit is perfect. I can tell the dogs loved the coats immediately, because they weren't squirming around , they are so so soft & luxurious. Love the attached snoods, they will keep them so very warm, and the reflective strips will keep them safe. We will get oodles of wear out of the Tummy Warmers, they fit perfectly and the doggies love them and are so professionally made. The gang needs a little practice with the booties, but I love the fact that they go all the way up there legs. Thanks again for a superb job! It's nice to know there are people like you who value good workmanship & excellence in their product, not to mention Great Customer Service. Please feel free to post this on your site! Thank you again!" - D. Carrigan Tamaqua

Cuddling Comfortably in their Voyagers K9 Winter Coats 0

“I am writing you tell you how much my two Italian Greyhounds love their warm winter coats and tummy warmers! Thank you for creating such a beautiful, well-made product. This is the first doggie item ever that has been able to withstand playtime. The fabrics used as thick and sturdy and they wash well too! You have an A class product! Thanks again.” - Amy Holbrook

"The clothes for my Greyhound arrived today and they are a perfect fit. Thank you. Annie looks stunning in her new clothes. She will be the best dressed dog in Brisbane, Australia and others dogs and their owners will be envious! Cheers," - John

“Thank you for your wonderful coats! The boys moved from Tampa, Florida to Huron, Ohio. Now we can go out for business without freezing. Your quality and fit are fantastic. Otto is in blue and Pharaoh, red. Thank you! PS: From Otto and Pharaoh: Momma says the cute factor is 'off the charts'!!!” - Sheila Mitchell

0 Otto and Pharaoh : Warm and Adorable

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"Found you online a few years ago and was completely sold on your Great Dane Tummy Warmers. I have three Danes and they LOVE them! Thank you for making such a great product for our big friends. Most companies don't make apparel for larger dogs. Thank you!" - Katherine Banz

"I just wanted to tell you how much I love my recent purchase of tummy warmers and winter coats for my 2 hounds. I am so impressed at how well made the coats are especially the way they are fastened. The last coats I had for them just had the one strap and the hounds sometimes were able to get out of their coats and trip on them. The hounds wear their tummy warmers all the time in the house....AND under their coats when it is really cold. I am not so easily impressed nor do I take the time to write but this time I just had to tell you about your coats. Oh, and the dogs love them too!!!!" - Paula Nolin

"I wanted to let you know how happy I have been with your products over the years. I have ordered several tummy warmers and two heavy winter coats as well. Both of my greyhounds appreciate the tummy warmers "paws down" to any other coat they have ever worn. I wish to extend my appreciation to you for a design well done. Thanks." - Melissa Rondeau

"I just received the Tummy Warmer for our great dane and wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with it! It’s a lovely fit and just what we have been looking for. Thank you so much." - Julia Palmer

"I just wanted you to know how much my little IG – Isabella loves her Tummy Warmer Thank you. It fits perfectly." - Christine Reynolds

"Recently I had ordered a Tummy Warmer, Winter Coat and Booties for my Vito. Vito is a ten year old (Italian Greyhound) rescue from the SPCA. I have to chase him to try to remove the Tummy Warmer. Thank you so much!!" - Mary A. Wronski

Two Beauties in Red


"A very belated THANK YOU for the beautiful coat and tummy warmer . They arrived weeks ago and I've been meaning to send you a note to say how beautiful they are and that they fit Zuni perfectly! The craftsmanship is just amazing! What wonderful work you do! Everyone in the park has been admiring her coat and commenting on how well it is. I will be recommending your coats to every greyhound owner I meet! Thanks again!" - Persis Reynolds

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"Hello! I just wanted to send you a picture of my greyhound Castle, wearing his Winter Coat and new Booties that he got from your company, we both really love the coat, and we get a lot of compliments on it, the Booties just came in the mail today after I only ordered them on Thursday! What fast shipping, I wasn't expecting them so soon! Thank you!!! Anyway..... I do love the Booties, I put them on, and at first he didn't know what to make of them, but then we went outside after he got used to them a little, and he was running and jumping and playing like he never had anything on his feet!! That was very surprising! So the Booties are a hit with us!! I took the picture of him all decked out and sent it to everyone in the greyhound community, and my family!" - Jackie Hennecke

"I just got the custom Booties for Doug, put the front Booties on his feet and he walks around the house. No problem and I have to tell you how please I am because this is the first time he has accepted any shoes on his feet, especially his injured foot so thank you very very very much for helping us out. I appreciate how it is designed like a slipper. It allows for irregularity of his injured paw, arthritis and walks in the cold snow and ice. Thank you for your help, the quality of your products and the speedy delivery." - Laura Carnell

"Just wanted to send a word of thanks. The Booties are great and the Tummy Warmer is exactly what we needed. With such excellent quality and service, we will be back. Thanks again." - Beth & Baby Bear Lusby

"I want to compliment you on the Booties I just purchased from you. Their arrival was perfect - the day before a snow storm, so we were well prepared. This was quite a fun experience to watch. She wouldn't even touch the ground with it. So I figured that if I put all four on her, she'd have no choice. What a sight it was to see her high stepping around the house with the Booties on. But the minute we went outside in the snow, she was happy as could be. She had absolutely no problem walking with the Booties on and they stayed on perfectly and keep her feet warm and dry. The Booties are perfect. Thank you so much for a wonderful product." - Judith Adair

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“I just received Hillary, my Greyhound's rain coat today. It's the BEST rain coat I've seen yet! I think this one will keep the rain (even downpours) off of her! Plus talk about looking awesome!!! Here's Hillary modeling her new K9 rain coat… I will be telling all my Greyhound friends about your company! Thank You!!! No more soaking wet Hillary!”- Thalia Dalton

Hillary : No More Wet Fur!

"Hi, just want to thank you for the rain coat which I have just received. It's a perfect fit and arrived very quickly (to the UK!) River will be nice and dry, he hates being wet so you've made an ageing lurcher very happy! Regards," - Vicky Beedham

"I received my Rain Coats…one yellow and one green…I just love them! They fit beautifully! I am very pleased with my purchase. Thanks again for your beautiful workmanship." - Kathy Carstensen

"Recently you shipped me a Rain Coat. It arrived as you promised. It has exceeded our highest expectations. The dog looks really snazzy in this Rain Coat. The purpose of this letter is to extend our personal thanks for your timeliness and the quality of the work." - Ed Frick

"Just wanted to say thanks for the great Rain Coat for my greyhound! Aaron has to stay outside when I am gone, because he is old and has become incontinent. He has a wonderful doghouse to provide shelter, still I felt bad leaving him out when it was raining. With his new coat, he stays toasty warm and dry even on rainy days – and I have no messes to clean up when I get home from work. You did a nice job. I just thought that you might like to hear from a satisfied customer!" - Laura H. Garrett

"We are so very pleased with our Great Dane’s Tummy Warmer and Raincoat. They are both of top quality. Paolo is very warm and cozy during our minus degree outings. Thank you for such a wonderful product and the rare availability to have consideration for the giant large breeds." - Shirley Lovell

Paolo : great in green!

"We just wanted you to know that we attended Greyhounds Reach the Beach at Dewey Beach, DE. It rained every day!...But we had your great raincoats for our two greys, Liz & Dickens & we had about 50 (probably more) people asking us where we got those GREAT coats. We gave them your website address. We believe in giving compliments when they are deserved. Your winter coats are also great & we are very satisfied & now loyal customers...Keep up the good work. Your wares are very well crafted." - Bernie & Marion Schwatz

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Perfect Combination : Spring Fall Coats with our Hoods

"Just wanted to thank you for your great service. I had ordered 2 coats from you just a few days ago. They arrived yesterday, are beautifully made and fit my dogs well! I like the fact that they are so soft and easy to move in. Our New England weather is beginning to get older so they arrived just in time! Thanks again!" - Nancy Young

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"I received my Cold Climate Special order yesterday. I wanted you to know how very impressed I was with all three items. The fit for all is perfect. The workmanship is better than I remembered. Thank you for your zippy service and the quality of your products." - Drucie Turner

"I recently ordered a full wardrobe of Greyhound apparel for all seasons as my husband and I are about to move from LA to Seattle. We have been looking for warm coats and rain jackets for months but couldn't find anything in the stores. I was very excited to find a site that caters to specific breeds. Especially Greyhounds because their porportions are hard to fit. Their jackets came and they are spectacular! Not only did they get here only four days after I placed the order, our dogs feel very attractive in them. You can totally tell they like them. I've attached a couple of pics as proof ;) Thanks so much for providing such a quality products at affordable prices with great customer service!" - New Loyal Customer, Maura Barclay

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"We recently ordered a Voyagers K9 Apparel custom coat for our French Bulldog, Ringo, and just wanted to write and say how incredibly happy we are with the way it looks. It is the perfect fit. He looks so handsome. Thought I'd share a few photos in case you wanted to include on your site, or just pass along to the designers." - Julie Phillips

Ringo : striking a pose

Dear Voyagers - Thank you very much for my winter coat and rain coat. They fit just right and are warm and snuggly. Here are some photos to show you how handsome I am." - Love, Milo

Milo : in his CUSTOM Winter Coat and Rain Coat

"I wanted to so thank you so so much for the most fantastic dog coat ever. Blinky is so happy and so warm and he got so many compliments from other dog owners that you will get a bunch of orders from New York, I am assured. Actually my friend Sarah who owns Blinky's sis will get in touch with you as well. Again, thank you so much for such beautiful work and a swift delivery." - Svenja Timme-Bastian

Blinky : Enjoying a walk in the fall

"We are so pleased with the custom winter coats. They fit our Salukis perfectly- we will have them for years to come. A great product and outstanding customer service. Thank you." - Betsy and Jim Fedde

A family of Badger's Fans showing off their TEAM COLORS

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