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Keeping Your Dog Warm and Dry This Winter Season- By Nancy Kerns (Whole Dog Journal, Dec. 2007)

"We love it - What we like [about Voyagers K9 Apparel WINTER COAT] : Its outer shell is waterproof, with a soft fleece inner layer; note, however, that the chest and neck section is fleece for maximum comfort (but this section is not waterproof). The turtleneck can be rolled down when its warm, or pulled over the dogs ears in extremely cold weather...

What we like [about Voyagers K9 Apparel RAIN COAT] : Coat is completely lined with a lightweight mesh material. A leash opening is sewed in, and a reflective patch is sewn across the rump. Attached hood, pleated front, and fitted sides and rump help water run off your dog!..."

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