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Dog Clothes for a Change in the Weather

When you know the seasons will change, be prepared for any weather with this collection of favorite dog coats. These dog jackets and sweaters are especially great for keeping a hound or shorthaired dog warm and dry. But that's not enough. You want your dog to be comfortable, too. At Voyagers K9 Apparel we take the comfort of dogs seriously and design our dog clothes to fit the unique size and shape of specific breeds so they can run around and enjoy the outdoors with you!

The All Weather Special includes our best-rated lightweight dog rain slicker and fleece-lined winter dog jacket along with our snug Tummy Warmer dog vest. For extra warmth, you can layer the Tummy Warmer under our Dog Rain Coat or Winter Dog Coat. With this set of dog clothes, your dog can be as comfortable on cold, snowy days as on warm, windy days. Plus, when you purchase these dog coats as a set, you'll save! Quality made in the USA.

Why are K9 Apparel dog clothes designed for specific breeds?

Voyagers K9 Apparel Made in the USA BadgeVoyagers K9 Apparel understands that your dog will enjoy greater comfort and optimal coverage when wearing dog clothes made to fit the unique body shape of the breed. Our breed-specific design and durable construction reflect our commitment to providing quality clothing for dogs of any size or shape.

Add Extra Warmth by Layering Dog Clothes video (:39).