Booties Care Guide


Taking proper care of your dog's clothing is important. Please follow these instructions for cleaning your Voyagers K9 Apparel Dog Booties.


Fabric A: Polartec® Polar Fleece 
Fabric B: Mega Grip for Sole

Voyagers K9 Apparel Dog Bootie Fabrics

Washing Instructions:

Machine wash in warm water using fabric softener if you prefer, but do not use bleach. (Do not dry clean.) Tumble dry the booties on low heat. Booties will soften after washing.

  • Clear debris and hair off the hook side of the Velcro straps with a stiff brush, needle, or another piece of hook Velcro and always engage the hook and loop pieces of Velcro before washing.
  • Spray the fleece with a static eliminator if you prefer. To make your own static eliminator, simply mix 1–2 tablespoons of fabric softener in 8 ounces of water.