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For any unlisted purebred, crossbred, mixed-breed, or hard-to-fit dog, Voyagers K9 Apparel will make a custom dog coat. At Voyagers K9 Apparel, we understand how frustrating it is when the coat you bought doesn't fit and restricts your dog's movement. Our experience proves that no dog is too large, too small, or too unusual to be outfitted with a quality dog coat of lasting comfort. Every dog feels better in a quality coat that fits!

Our custom dog coats bring quality and comfort to other dogs not listed under Breed-Specific Dog Apparel. When you choose a custom dog coat, your dog will thank you for seasons to come!

Reasons Dogs Love Our Custom Dog Coats:

  • Optimal protection for dogs of any size from rain, snow and cold
  • Quality materials that feel good next to a dog's sensitive skin and fur
  • Unique designs that keep dog coats in place on active dogs
  • Apparel that is easily put on and taken off dogs by handlers
  • Durable construction for years of daily use
  • Machine washable, easy to clean materials
  • Stitched with quality and care in the USA

When you order a custom dog coat, we will ask you for measurements and a side photo of your dog. We will use your measurements and the photo to tailor any of these three dog coats to fit your dog:

How to Measure Your Dog for a Custom Dog Coat video (3:22)

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