Standard Dachshund Size Guide

What Size is Your Dog?

K9 Apparel is breed-specific for the best fit. Ensure that your dog is comfortable and well-protected by choosing the correct size. Please pay special attention when you measure the chest and length of your Dachshund and, then, choose according to the Dachshund Size Chart.

Measuring Tips for ordering a K9 Apparel dog coat

K9 APPAREL SIZE CHART — Standard Dachshund ONLY

S 16-21 16-16.5 19-23 12-13
M 22-27 16.5-17 21-25 13-14
L 28-33 17-17.5 23-27 14-15

If your dog's chest girth falls outside the parameters of the size you choose, the coat will not fit. Verify the way you are measuring your dog and view our Dachshund Size Chart with measuring tips for more information. If your dog has unusual proportions, order a Custom Dog Coat to fit your Dachshund's unique body size and shape. If you have other questions, please contact us.

► Follow this link to order breed-specific dog coats for Miniature Dachshunds.

Get Started with Accurate Measurements

Voyagers video cameraBefore you measure your dog, watch the following video where Eng of Voyagers K9 Apparel and Greta the Greyhound show you how to measure for a dog coat that will properly fit your dog.

How to Measure Your Dog for A Breed-Specific Dog Coat video (1:59)

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