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What if my dog wears a body harness?

A harness opening is an optional feature.

If your dog wears a body harness, we are able to add an optional harness opening for an extra charge of $10. This opening runs vertically—in line with the backbone. (Chest harnesses, like the Easy Walker, typically do not need a harness opening.) When you choose to have an additional harness opening added to your coat, you will need to select the distance from the base of the neck to the center of harness D-ring. Select the best option for your dog.

» Please note that adding a harness opening alters a coat and it becomes non-returnable, non-refundable, and non-exchangeable. For more information on the additional harness opening, refer to our Customizable Harness Opening tips.

A collar/leash opening is a standard feature.

If the coat style features a hood or attached neckliner, a collar/leash opening will be located near the base of the neck so you can easily attach your leash to the dog collar—a standard feature on our Winter Coats and Rain Coats. The design of our other dog coats, such as the Spring/Fall Coats and Tummy Warmers, allows you to easily attach the leash to the collar so a collar/leash opening is not needed.