Rhodesian Ridgeback Booties Size Guide

What Size is Your Dog?

K9 Apparel is breed-specific for the best fit. Ensure that your dog is comfortable and well-protected by choosing the correct bootie size according to the weight of your Rhodesian Ridgeback.

K9 APPAREL SIZE CHART — Rhodesian RidgebackS ONLY

S 60-70
M 70-80
L 80-90
XL 90-100

► Rhodesian Ridgeback booties come as a set of four black Polartec® polar fleece booties. The durable Mega Grip® sole is a rubberized fabric that will work well for your dog in snow and on ice. For improved product wear, avoid wearing on abrasive surfaces such as concrete and asphalt. Refer to our Rhodesian Ridgeback Size Chart with measuring tips for more information. If you have questions about Voyagers K9 Apparel booties, please contact us.

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