Will My Dog Wear Booties?

Ordering dog boots for the first time?

If you are ordering dog booties for the first time, see how likely your dog is to accept the dog boots before making your purchase. Booties are not returnable.

  1. Get two pairs of baby socks or kid's socks that fit your dog's paws.
  2. Put two of the socks on either the front or back paws and have your dog stand on a non-slippery surface. Allow time for your dog to get used to the feel of socks.
  3. If your dog is okay wearing two socks, put socks on the remaining paws. Allow time for your dog to get used to the socks.
    » If your dog moves around wearing all four socks, this is a good indication your dog will accept wearing booties.
    » If your dog does not accept wearing socks, it is unlikely your dog will accept wearing booties and we suggest not purchasing booties for your dog.

*The Mega Grip sole material is a durable rubberized fabric that works well in snow and on ice but will wear out quickly on concrete and asphalt. For improved product wear, avoid abrasive surfaces.

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