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X - Custom Dog Booties

Can I order custom dog boots?

Voyagers K9 Apparel only makes dog boots that are designed to fit the dog breeds found in our Dog Booties Collection. We apologize for any inconvenience, but due to difficulties in creating custom dog booties that fit well, we no longer make custom dog boots or recommend dog boots that fit your dog.

Designing custom dog boots

Due to the many creative ways people measure their dogs, there is a lack of consistency in the measurements. Here are some examples of where problems arise:

  • Placement of velcro strap relative to dew claws (if they exist)
  • Proportion of the leg diameter to the paw size
  • Measurement of the dog's paw to ankle and ankle to knee
  • Variations in size and shape between front and back legs and paws

Because of these and other difficulties we no longer attempt the process. We will not recommend dog booties from our Dog Booties Collection for other dog breeds or mixed dog breeds.

Type: Booties

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