Moving with Pets

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Here are some moving tips from Real Estate Professional, Jessica Mushovic, out of San Diego, California.

As you shop for your new home, you may be wondering about the best way to deal with pets throughout the buying and selling process. While pets can add some small hurdles when it comes to coordinating a move, it’s nothing insurmountable when you apply a few basic pet etiquette tips.

For one, your dog should never visit an open house or private home showing with you unless you have prior approval from the homeowner or realtor. If you have a service dog or emotional support animal that must accompany you, it’s polite to notify the realtor in case the homeowner has allergies or another aversion to indoor animals.

Unfortunately, keeping dogs out of home showings makes it harder to spontaneously visit open houses while out for a walk. Free up your time while also making sure your dog’s exercise needs are met by hiring a dog walker on busy house hunting days.

When it comes to showing your own house, pets should likewise stay out of the picture. Not everyone enjoys dogs and cats, and some buyers could actually be turned off by the presence of pets in a home. While you could send your dog to a pet sitter for the day, it’s also a great opportunity to get out and explore some [local] dog-friendly places. 

Homeowners should also be mindful of pet-related messes and clutter when staging their home. Take measures to keep your home free of pet odor while it’s listed; that means near-daily cleaning to stay on top of pet hair, dander, and outdoor messes, so you may want to consider hiring professional cleaning services during this period. Not only is it important to clean pet waste from the yard and vacuum up dog hair, but pet owners should also stash everyday pet accessories when potential buyers are visiting. Even if your pet isn’t around, a dog bed or food bowl could be enough to dissuade a home buyer.

You may think the battle is won once your home is sold and a new house purchased. However, there’s another critical step to get through: moving day. Pets can be a hazard to a professional moving crew. Even the friendliest of dogs can get underfoot and trip someone while their visibility is blocked by a large box or piece of furniture. And since movers will need to access every part of your home, shutting your pets in a spare room isn’t a great option — not to mention it’s stressful for pets. Make arrangements for your pets to be out of the house to ensure that this busy day goes smoothly.

Between its gorgeous weather and dog-friendly community, San Diego is a great place for dog owners to live. Keep this advice in mind as you plan your San Diego move and you’ll be settled in and enjoying this wonderful city in no time.

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