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Wrap your bestie in the blanket that never falls off. Whether indoors or out, this cozy, performance fleece will become the standard for warmth in your family.

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All Voyagers K9 Apparel dog clothing is easy to clean in a washing machine. Taking proper care of your dog's clothing is important, click here to follow these instructions.

Breed-specific dog coats are designed to fit the unique size and shape of particular dog breeds. At Voyagers K9 Apparel, we believe every dog deserves comfortable dog coats. In addition to making stylish dog coats for active breeds like Greyhounds, Voyagers K9 Apparel offers breed-specific dog apparel for 20 other short-haired dog breeds because there really is no such thing as "one size fits all" when it comes to dog coats.

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I find myself reaching for the tummy warmers more than any other coat. They are just SO EASY ... my dog is 14 now and gets cold easier than he used to. The tummy warmer is our 'go to' sweater for keeping warm on quick walks in the winter, or around the house if it's chilly inside, and it also works great as a layer underneath the winter or rain coat. - Brittany


Our hound is the only dog we've ever had that gets cold and actually shivers, so he is nice and warm is his tummy warmer. With a weimaraner's big brisket and small high tummy, I was worried it wouldn't fit, but it fits nicely. The material is very soft which Weimies love--all soft things. Thank you! - Flooopy


This is my favorite thing from K9A ! My hound loved to be outside all day. The cold didn't bother her too much but this is a lifesaver! She wore it during fall and even during winter on the days where it wasn't very cold. Anyone who goes camping or hiking with their hound should have one of those. It's perfect! - Genevieve


Tailored for a snug fit and comfort without restricting movement

Whether you're looking for dog gear that's suitable for agility training or an extra layer to keep your dog warm while resting indoors, your dog will absolutely love our tummy warmers. For nervous or anxious dogs, they can be used like a swaddling blanket that comforts an anxious baby.


Use as an additional underlayer on those extra cold days

This stylish dog vest of Polartec© polar fleece wraps closely around a dog's body, providing extra protection from the cold with a broad belly strap and front chest piece of the same quality fleece fabric.