Miniature Poodle Dog Wear


Your miniature poodle is the perfect pocket sized adventure companion. These highly intelligent and active pups love to run and play outdoors. They are easy going and a lot of fun. Next time you head outside with your miniature poodle, keep them protected from the elements in Voyagers K9 Apparel.

Did you know that dogs have the greatest variation in body size of any mammal? From Chihuahua to Great Dane, we take the unique characteristics of each breed and design our coats to fit your pup.

Here are some typical characteristics of the Miniature Poodle;

Neck: long and thin
Chest: deep and moderately wide
Back Profile: straight
Tail: up


NECK (N): Measure the circumference midway between the ears and base of neck.

LENGTH (L): Measure along the back from between the shoulder blades to the base of the tail.

CHEST (C): Measure around the widest/deepest part of the chest — usually right behind the front legs.

To find your dog's size use these measurements and reference the size chart.

Our Miniature Poodle Winter Coat is tailored to the unique size and shape of a Miniature Poodle.
  • Windproof and waterproof
  • Non-restricting fleece chest strap
  • Integrated hood for extra warmth
Outfitted in a rain jacket that actually fits, your Miniature Poodle won't mind a walk in the rain.
  • Greater comfort in wet weather
  • Full coverage from head to tail with integrated hood
  • Reflective piping for increased visibility and safety
Chase the chills away from your Miniature Poodle with a Voyagers K9 Apparel Tummy Warmer.
  • Hugs your dog with warmth and security
  • Helps calm anxious pets
  • Perfect for layering under our winter coat and raincoat