Our Story

Our story began in 1993 when the dog gear we could track down did not suit the needs of our dogs. So, we began designing and making outerwear for our beloved Greyhounds under the Voyagers Greyhound Apparel brand. Our goal was simply to fill the need for good quality coats and clothing for Greyhounds, focusing on fitting our dog coats to the unique shape of this specific breed. Making comfortable activewear that keeps dogs, like Greyhounds, warm and dry as the seasons changed is still our mission today.

Our role would grow as we were asked to make dog coats and clothing for other sight hounds. As we expanded our line of breed-specific dog apparel to include breeds such as the Italian Greyhound, Whippet, and Great Dane, we changed our name to Voyagers K9 Apparel.

The Voyagers K9 Apparel Advantage

From our first season, the satisfaction of our customers, and their dogs, has always been important to us. Voyagers K9 Apparel has been taking our customers' comments and suggestions to heart — especially stories of how their dogs have reacted to wearing Voyagers K9 Apparel coats and other dog clothing. Using this feedback, along with observations and actual field study, we began to design breed-specific apparel that was fitted to the unique physique of a variety of specific dog breeds. The result? We continued to expand our line of high quality dog coats to even more breeds, offering a variety of coat styles, sizes, and color options in breed-specific designs for 25 dog breeds.

With Voyagers K9 Apparel dog coats, our fashionable styles provide optimal coverage for dogs and are made to last, using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. As a result, Voyagers K9 Apparel is pleasesd to present a variety of signature dog coat styles bearing our highly recognized badge.

Our current line of breed-specific dog apparel includes our must have Tummy Warmer dog vests that pair so well with our waterproof fleece-lined winter coats and lightweight rain coats for extra warmth. For select breeds, dog booties and dog hoods are also available.

With our growing experience, we became convinced that no dog is too large, too small, or too unusual to be outfitted with a quality coat of lasting comfort. In addition to providing breed-specific dog apparel to over 20 specific dog breeds, we began making custom dog coats to bring quality and comfort to other purebred dogs, dogs of mixed breed heritagecrossbred dogs, and other hard-to-fit dogs.

At Voyagers K9 Apparel, we understand our customers want to be happy, confident dog owners. We also know that every dog feels better in a quality coat that fits! For these reasons, Voyagers K9 Apparel is fully committed to protecting pups in any season. We design a variety of dog coats so dogs are comfortable on outdoor adventures in spite of the falling rain, sleet, snow or bitterly cold temperatures. Our line of dog apparel is built on the idea that all dogs deserve to be comfortable with high-quality, stylish dog coats and accessories that function well for seasons of everyday use.


- Materials are suitable for direct contact with a dog's sensitive skin and fur
- Performance-grade outerwear fabrics protect dogs from rain, snow, sleet, and cold
- Unique designs demonstrate ingenuity with style and function, such as our wide underbelly band and back counterbalance strap to prevent coat from shifting on dog
- Designs provide optimal coverage based on a dog's size and proportions
- Apparel is easily put on and taken off of dogs by handlers
- Attention paid to detail with extra stitching for apparel that lasts for years with daily use
- Machine washable, easy to clean materials