Greyhound Dog Booties (set of 4)

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Dog Bootie Overview

Looking to protect your dog's paws? Consider a set of four Voyagers K9 Apparel dog booties to keep your Greyhound comfortable outdoors — and indoors. Voyagers Polartec© fleece dog booties keep paws free of mud and slush when your Greyhound runs outdoors. The rubberized Mega Grip© sole prevents feet from coming in contact with ice, snow, and other harsh elements like salt.

When your Greyhound comes back indoors, you'll enjoy less cleanup because your dog's feet were protected. Slip your Greyhound into a second set of clean dog booties for even greater comfort inside. Your Greyhound will enjoy greater stability when walking on tiled or slippery surfaces, and you'll enjoy how these dog booties prevent claws from scratching hardwood floors.

Reasons to love our dog booties
  • Prevent ice build-up on sensitive paws
  • Keep paws free of mud and slush
  • Prevent slipping on tiles, hardwood floors, and other slick surfaces
  • Prevent claws from scratching hardwood floors
  • Long slipper-style design
  • Machine washable and easy to clean

Clear debris and hair off the hook side of the Velcro straps with a stiff brush, needle, or another piece of Velcro hook. Always engage the hook and loop pieces of Velcro before washing. 

Machine wash in warm water. Do not use bleach. Tumble dry on low heat.

Once dry, you can spray the fleece with a static eliminator if you prefer. 

Weight   Bootie Size

50-70lbs   S/M

70-100lbs   L/XL

Dog booties are non refundable or eligible for the recoat program.


For the best fit, select the dog bootie size according to your dog's weight as listed in the size chart for the specific breed. Please do not guess at the size since booties are not exchangeable, returnable, or refundable.

Each bootie of Polartec© polar fleece is held in place with two straps of velcro so they are easy to put on and stay in place on active dogs.

Mega Grip is a durable rubberized fabric that works well on ice and in snow. Please be aware that material will wear more easily on abrasive surfaces, such as concrete and asphalt.

Yes. Voyagers K9 Apparel dog booties are fully lined with Polartec© 200 Classic double velour fabric. This fabric is quick-drying, colorfast, does not pill, and stands up to repeated washing.

No. These booties are not waterproof. These booties are made of polar fleece and have a seam around the rubberized Mega Grip bottom so water could soak in if submerged or worn in rainy weather.

Our slipper syle is easy to slide on over your dog's paws and long enough to pull up and over the lower leg area for extra coverage.

Note: Voyagers K9 Apparel booties offer good protection for injured paws as long as the injury allows you to slide your dog's paw into the slipper-style bootie.

  1. Get two pairs of baby socks or kid's socks that fit your dog's paws.
  2. Put two of the socks on either the front or back paws, and have your dog stand on a non-slippery surface. Allow time for your dog to get used to the socks.
  3. If your dog is okay wearing two socks, put socks on the remaining paws.
  4. Allow time for your dog to get used to the socks.

Customer Reviews

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Greyhound Booties

I love the boots! Thanks!

They really stay on!

I was a bit nervous to buy these. I was so afraid they would fall off in the snow. We got a ton of heavy slushy snow that sticks to everything. The kind that plops off of trees and you think a brick hit the ground. These bad boys stayed on! AND kept my sweet hounds feet 100% dry and warm. I think she was the driest one out of all of us!

After a walk around the house, I figured out the right pressure to secure the boots. I highly suggest some house walking first. They will come off if not tight enough. But once the pressure is right. They sick!

10/10 recommend


This is the second pair of Voyager boots I’ve bought, the first pair is going on 12 years! Sturdy and work well for greyhounds!!

Anthony Samotus
Shipping and duty charges exceed the cost of the product itself

Be aware that in addition to shipping charges, there are substantial import duty charges into Canada suggesting that these products are not manufactured in the USA
This should be clearly stated on the K9 website
It is not
My total cost is now approaching CAD$150+ for Greyhound winter booties
There is no customer service telephone number

Hi Anthony,
All of our products are made in the USA.
Our customer service number as shown on our website is 1-877-423-7345. We are happy to talk during business hours but have limited knowledge as to how Canada taxes imports from the USA. USA and Canada do have a free trade agreement. It's our understanding that the only taxes you should be charged are taxes applied to sales within Canada.


Did not fit like they said