Italian Greyhound Measuring Guide

The best coat for a Italian Greyhound begins with the tape measure.

After 30 years of making breed-specific performance dog apparel, we have discovered the most important measurement characteristics for making dog garments that fit, perform, and last. Voyagers K9 Apparel Italian Greyhound coats are designed for the unique characteristics of the breed, including the type of tail, chest-to-waist ratio, and natural shape of the spine.

For the best fit, the neck and chest should sit comfortably on your dog's shoulders. The following measurements will help you find the correct size, and our Risk Free Exchange Guarantee ensures your pup's comfort.

*For all measurements the tape should be snug but not tight. For dogs with fluffy coats, the fur can be gently compressed similar to how your dog wears a collar.

Neck circumference: measure around your dog’s neck where their collar sits.

    Chest circumference: measure around the widest part of the chest, typically a few inches behind the front legs. Your dog should be standing for this measurement.

    Our coats are designed to cover the length and flank of your dog without interfering with the tail. Voyagers K9 Apparel Italian Greyhound coats are designed to fit the expected proportions of the breed, including neck length, back length, chest-to-waist ratio, and tail type. For customizations, please consider our Made-to-Measure program.

    The following table provides reference for the expected weight and length based on your pup's neck and chest measurements.

     Watch Our Measuring Video: