Vizsla Measuring Guide

Measurements are needed for all coat orders. After measuring your Vizsla, use your dog's measurements to select the best coat size from our standard Vizsla sizes. Our Vizsla coats are tailored to the unique body of a Vizsla, and are not intended to fit another breed.

You will need your Vizsla's weight, length, and chest circumference measurements in order to select the correct size and place an order.

  • NECK (N): Measure the circumference midway between the ears and base of neck.
  • LENGTH (L): Measure along the back from between the shoulder blades to the base of the tail.
  • CHEST (C): Measure around the widest/deepest part of the chest — usually right behind the front legs.

THESE STANDARD SIZES FOR VIZSLAS ONLY. Our breed-specific coats are not customized to your dog's measurements, so if your Vizsla has unusual proportions, order a made-to-measure dog coat to fit your dog. 

Be sure your dog's chest girth falls within the parameters of the size you choose. If your Vizsla is a puppy and still growing, read How do I choose a dog coat for my puppy?