Booties Features


Voyagers K9 Apparel dog booties are designed for active dogs. The long slipper-style booties are easy to pull on over your dog's feet, and the booties stay in place on your dog's legs thanks to two sturdy velcro straps on each bootie. The area next to your dog's feet is completely lined with Polartec® polar fleece, so paws stay warm and comfortable in snow and on ice. Finally, the sole base of the bootie is reinforced with an embossed rubberized Mega Grip© material for greater durability.

Features of Voyagers K9 Apparel Dog Booties

A: Mega Grip bottom B: Polartec fleece-lined sole C: Extra-long upper portion D: Velcro bands

Technical Specs:

  • Fabric: Polartec© 200 Classic polar fleece bootie
  • Fabric: Embossed Mega Grip© sole
  • Machine washable: Yes
  • Visit Bootie FAQ for more information.

Design Features 

  • Polartec© polar fleece is soft, comfortable, and warm. We use Polartec© 200 Classic double velour fabric because it is quick-drying, colorfast, does not pill, and stands up to repeated washing for many years.
  • Embossed Mega Grip covers the bottom of the bootie. This is a durable rubberized fabric that works well on ice and snow but wears more easily on abrasive surfaces such as concrete and asphalt.
  • Slipper-style dog boot design slips over dog paws.
  • Two sturdy bands of velcro hold the extra-long upper portion of soft polar fleece securely in place.

 For improved product wear, avoid abrasive surfaces like concrete and asphalt on which booties wear out more quickly.