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Bootie FAQ

About Voyagers K9 Apparel Booties

Our booties are made of comfortable warm polar fleece and feature a durable non-slip embossed Mega Grip bottom to protect your dog's paws when indoors or out! These booties keep your dog's paws safe and, in many cases, even save you money on vet bills resulting from an injury to a paw. Put our booties on your dog and protect your dog's paws from road salt, snow, ice, and harsh lawn chemicals when you head outdoors. Indoors, the Mega Grip bottom provides a non-slip surface that protects wood floors from scratches. Our slipper-style booties can also be used to protect an injured paw and keep it clean.

What is Mega Grip?

Mega Grip is a durable rubberized fabric that works well on ice and in snow. Please be aware that material will wear more easily on abrasive surfaces such as concrete and asphalt.

Are the booties fully lined?

Yes, K9 Apparel booties are fully lined with polar fleece.

Are the booties waterproof?

No, these booties are not waterproof. These booties are made of polar fleece and have a seam around the rubberized Mega Grip bottom so water could soak in if submerged or worn in rainy weather.

Are the booties waterproof?

Yes, K9 Apparel booties offer good protection for injured paws as long as the injury allows you to slide your dog's paw into the slipper-style bootie.

Can booties be returned?

No, our booties cannot be returned or exchanged and are non-refundable.

How do I know my dog will wear booties?

Here's a way to see how likely your dog will accept wearing booties:

  1. Get two pairs of baby socks or kid's socks that fit your dog's paws.
  2. Put two of the socks on either the front or back paws and have your dog stand on a non-slippery surface. Allow time for your dog to get used to the socks.
  3. If your dog is okay wearing two socks, put socks on the remaining paws. Allow time for your dog to get used to the socks.
    » If your dog moves around wearing all four socks, this is a good indication your dog will accept wearing booties.
    » If your dog does not accept wearing socks, it is unlikely your dog will accept wearing booties and we suggest not purchasing booties for your dog.

My dog's breed isn't listed. Can you suggest booties that will fit my dog?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer suggestions on selecting booties for breeds not available through K9 Apparel and are unable to compare our bootie measurements to your dog's paw measurements or offer suggestions on sizing for other breeds.

» Since booties are not exchangeable, returnable or refundable, please do not guess at the size.

Do you make custom booties?

No, we do not offer custom-made booties because of the many variables that cause booties to work well for some breeds and not for others.

You make coats for my dog's breed but you don't offer booties. Why not?

We've discontinued making booties for some breeds due to various reasons that include irregularities in paw size, leg length, and other design difficulties.

How many booties come in one order?

One order of booties comes as a full set of four booties for your dog.

Can I purchase less than a full set of four booties?

Yes, you can purchase fewer than a full set of four booties. One bootie is 1/2 the cost of a full set, two booties are 3/4 the cost of a full set, and three booties cost the same cost as a full set.