How to choose a dog coat for a puppy

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Here are our puppy-sized thoughts on ordering dog clothing for growing pups. So your think your adorable little puppy needs a dog coat? At Voyagers K9 Apparel, we get asked questions about dog coats and puppies all the time. So here are some puppy-sized thoughts for you to ponder.

Our initial thought is that you wait to purchase more expensive dog coats until your puppy is almost full grown. Once your puppy is close to his or her full and final size, you can take more accurate measurements that ensure the coat you order will fit your dog well.

"But my puppy needs a dog coat now!" you say. Well, if your puppy is growing fast, but still needs a dog coat, you have a few options:

  1. Purchase a less expensive Tummy Warmer dog vest for extra warmth and comfort as your puppy grows.
  2. Order a dog coat according to the estimated size for a full-grown dog of the breed, keeping in mind that:
    • The coat will be somewhat loose until your puppy reaches maturity.
    • The dog coat may not be a perfect fit when your puppy is full grown since you are estimating the size.
  3. Order a custom dog coat that is sized to fit your puppy's current measurements — with a little growing room. Plan to purchase another dog coat when your pup reaches maturity.
Italian Greyhound Pup

If you decide to order a coat for your puppy, the first step is to find out what your dog's measurements will be when full grown. This may a bit challenging because you'll only find general information about your dog's breed. Still, having the estimated size of your dog's breed is important. The best source for dog information will be your dog's breeder or your dog's vet. You can also consult standard dog breed sizing charts.

Keep in mind that dog sizing charts are based on the measurements of a full-grown dog, so the proportions of your puppy will differ from a full-grown dog of the same dog breed. Most notably, the relative size of a puppy's chest will be smaller than that of a full-grown adult because a dog's chest is the last area to fill out.

Once you've determined the approximate measurements for your growing puppy, you are ready to order a dog coat with proportions in line with the size and shape of the breed. Please realize, that the coat you order may be too big for your puppy to wear until it grows up!

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